BenchPrep Ascend™

A modern and scalable solution for delivering personalized learning experiences

BenchPrep Ascend increases operating revenue and reduces expenses by enabling learning organizations to support multiple business models and streamline the delivery of learning. By creating a personalized experience that improves knowledge retention and drives better outcomes, BenchPrep Ascend amplifies the value of your learning program in a highly competitive market.

Deliver a unique learning experience that separates you from the competition

BenchPrep Ascend structures and personalizes the learning experiences to account for a modern learner’s limited focus and availability. Built on a foundation of learning science best practices, BenchPrep Ascend makes learning efficient and engaging as learners pursue knowledge mastery.

Personalized pathways through structured and adaptive learning plans to increase engagement
Learners can monitor their strengths and weaknesses to focus on what is most important
Microlearning principles and gamification keep learners focused and motivated

Reduce administrative overhead with integrated content management

BluePrint™,  BenchPrep’s native learning content management system, provides robust content production and analytical capabilities. Reduce administrative headaches and allow content managers to focus on building effective content.

Built-in authoring tools and content propagation makes it easy to create, update and distribute content, either within the BenchPrep platform or externally via LTI 1.3
Deliver more interactive and engaging courses with a wide variety of style options
Leverage content published to SCORM, xAPI and other eLearning standards and manage resources for instructor-led training

Gain key insights with reporting & analytics

BenchPrep offers customized dashboards and reports to uncover impactful insights to drive your business decisions and evaluate the strength of your program. Give your entire organization visibility into program and course effectiveness, or export data for more detailed analysis in 3rd party tools.

Psychometric dashboard based on user activity and performance data to improve your questions and exams
Review aggregate trends across a standard series of metrics including user growth, satisfaction, and retention to measure program success
Provide learners and instructors insight into individual or group performance

Save time while managing users and partner organizations

BenchPrep Ascend’s intuitive and highly configurable multi-level administrative capabilities empower your organization to streamline the delivery of training programs to multiple markets. Administrators at all levels are empowered to manage users, configurations, and permissions, saving both time and resources.

White-labeling capabilities to create a platform that looks and feels like your own, or extend unique branding to other businesses
Platform administration tools including feature flagging, user impersonation and SSO-SAML 2.0
Secure, private and accessible with GDPR, PCI and WCAG compliance and modern browser support

Build revenue with a differentiated commerce experience

Our best-in-class ecommerce solution helps you acquire and re-engage customers while providing a streamlined modern shopping and content access experience.

Payment support for 60+ gateways including PayPal, Square, Stripe and more, serving 100+ countries
Drive real-time business impact with critical metrics for orders, customer data and marketing
White-labeled, fully customizable storefront to match your brand

“BenchPrep’s platform has streamlined our processes into one solution, allowing us to focus on our core competencies in developing outstanding learning content for investment industry professionals.”

Christopher Wiese

Head - Curriculum & Learning Experience at CFA Institute

“We found that a lot of the legacy learning management systems on the market were not able to provide us flexibility from a product, business, or licensing standpoint. BenchPrep helped change the game for us by bringing a completely new approach to learning program delivery.”

Tom Reilly

VP of Learning at CompTIA

“BenchPrep’s platform allows us to deliver consistent, measurable value to sales organizations. Together we figured out how to deliver learning content to help change the game in training, particularly around blended learning.”

Chris Tiné

SVP and Chief Product Officer at Richardson

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