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Build your business beyond point-in-time, transactional learning with regularly-spaced education cycles

BenchPrep Engage combats the forgetting curve and delivers regularly-spaced microlearning cycles to learners. Supplement your existing training offerings, extend the learner relationship, create continuing education programs, and build new eLearning revenue streams while helping your learners achieve better outcomes.

Science-based approach to eLearning

It’s been shown that after 30 days, 79%  of acquired knowledge is forgotten*.  Combat the forgetting curve with spaced repetition microlearning and improve knowledge retention by up to 170% **  while improving business outcomes for high-stakes, high-impact learning.

For business leaders:

For content teams:

Increase learner engagement

Our data shows that learners average 98% fewer sessions in an eLearning platform after they complete their study plan. Re-engaging these learners with microlearning question cycles after they complete eLearning courses brings them back to your platform, reinforces mastery, and offers a better learning experience.

Add value and improve outcomes

The more proficient your learners are, the more successful they are in their jobs and the more value they bring to the workplace. Microlearning increases the overall value of your learning  programs in the market and makes the transfer of learning more engaging and efficient.

Configure eLearning based on your
business needs

No matter what your business goals are, our question distribution algorithm and spaced repetition can help. Some of the most common scenarios include demonstrating mastery to prove knowledge retention, prioritizing the most relevant microlearning content for up-to-date training, or confidence-based learning for remediation and improvement.

Create more consistent revenue with microlearning

Maintaining knowledge with a subscription-based, post-course microlearning offering elevates learners from a one-time purchaser into a repeat client, representing a larger sale and recurring revenue for your organization.

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