eLearning is different with BenchPrep

BenchPrep excels at providing personalized learning experiences for high stakes, high impact professional learning. We address the challenges around professional learning by delivering in-depth learning experiences.

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BenchPrep is the only eLearning platform you will ever need

Unlike traditional LMS software, our all-encompassing solution delivers value across your entire business

For business leaders:

B2C, B2B, and reseller
delivery options

BenchPrep is applicable for just about any type of end user. We deliver eLearning solutions that work for your sales team, direct to consumers, through institutions, or even resellers.

Flexible pricing
(or engagement) models

One size fits all? Not here. BenchPrep realizes every organization has different needs that vary depending on the number of employees, revenue models, user base, industry, and more. We’re experts at cutting through that red tape and offering pricing that actually makes sense.

Powerful data analytics

Most LMS software relies on anecdotes to measure impact. Not BenchPrep: we provide customized dashboards and reports to uncover impactful insights to drive your business decisions and evaluate the strength of your program. We’ve met the needs of self-proclaimed data fanatics, stubborn luddites, and everyone in between. Start learning as much from your users as they’re learning from you.

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For content teams:

eLearning programs

You won’t find any cookie-cutter solutions here because we realize every training program is different. BenchPrep works with your organization to design eLearning programs that meet the exact needs of your consumers.

Single-source content management

Do you want to use multiple LMS software solutions to solve your content management needs? We didn’t think so. BluePrint, BenchPrep’s proprietary Learning Content Management System, is a single source content delivery platform that addresses all your learning and development needs. Build interactive learning modules and simplify content workflows with BenchPrep to generate impactful results for today’s learners.

instructional design

BenchPrep uses well-grounded instructional design principles and learning techniques to improve engagement and outcomes. Within this framework, BenchPrep employs Minimalism, Micro-learning, and Engagement theory to design personalized eLearning pathways.

design services

Content is king. BenchPrep’s instructional design team takes great pride in shaping the course curriculum from our partners to ensure the best possible learning experience is delivered to end users.

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For your learners:

Omnichannel delivery

You deserve LMS software that lets people learn anywhere, at any time. BenchPrep synchronizes user progress across devices and operating systems through a responsive webapp and available branded native iOS and Android applications. If you find a system we don’t support, let us know—delivering eLearning via smart fridge sounds like fun.

Baked-in gamification

Who says learning can’t be fun? Beyond supporting all manner of interactions and multimedia, we give users a variety of ways to engage with plain text content. While learners are gaining new levels of understanding on a BenchPrep-powered eLearning platform, they’re getting focused, timely feedback about their growing strengths and facing the exact challenges that suit them. The result is that learning the same material feels more like honing a skill or playing a game—and less like studying. LMS software focuses on learning management. BenchPrep focuses on learner engagement.


BenchPrep’s platform is designed to have an immediate impact on users through well-timed reinforcement of knowledge and targeted interruption of the forgetting curve. Our competency-based eLearning framework emphasizes the acquisition of concrete skills, so participants know they are prepared to face the unforeseeable test questions and real-world scenarios that await them.

Personalized learning

Forcing a square peg into a round hole? Not at BenchPrep. We make sure users get personalized pathways through learning programs. The result? We’ve found that following a learning pathway improves user engagement by almost 100%.

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For program managers:

End-to-end program

BenchPrep is here to guide and help you through the entirety of your program. Implementation, account management, tech support, and customer support are all included when you partner with us.

Help desk &
training support

Don’t worry, this isn’t like traditional LMS software that leaves you stranded. BenchPrep creates custom help desks and training programs for each client. We also take great pride in always supporting our partners and ensuring you are set up for success. We’re just a phone call or email away whenever you have an issue or question.

admin tools

Questions about how to manage BenchPrep’s software on your end? Have no fear, our admin tools are here. We have put an amazing set of admin tools in place to ensure successful launch, implementation, and maintenance of your BenchPrep eLearning program.

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For technology teams:

White label
eLearning solution

BenchPrep’s platform is designed for you to custom-brand as your own. Our multi-tenant, white-label-enabled software puts your logo, color scheme, brand standards, and URL front and center. The result is a design that looks and feels like it’s yours, right down to customized features, user flow, learning pathways, and communications.

interoperable & secure

This isn’t our first rodeo. Our tech and dev teams work tirelessly to ensure BenchPrep complies with industry regulations, integrates easily with other platforms, and is fully secure.

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