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Our platform provides real-time, data-driven insights that make training and coaching more precise, personalized, and effective.

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Analytics That Let You Punch Through the Noise

Nobody does data like BenchPrep, and our robust reporting and analytics make it possible to monitor learner progress so you can quickly determine whether instructor intervention or additional support is required.

Multiply Your Markets

BenchPrep is built for business. Our technology helps you package, monetize, and deliver online and blended learning experiences.

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Build a Custom Learning Ecosystem

BenchPrep plugs right into your existing tools so you can develop your learning ecosystem with familiar tech and powerful APIs, webhooks, and connectors.

Professional Learning Organizations Rely on BenchPrep

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"BenchPrep has enabled us to deliver a new learning experience that aligns with the modern candidate. We’ve received great traction in the market and have seen significant improvement in engagement and value for members.”

Tom Reilly
VP of Learning, CompTIA

The Latest in Learning

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What is Adaptive Learning? – For Professional Learning

Online learning used to mean only one kind of course — the click-through kind, where every learner has the same lesson experience, then they answer the same questions in the same order.

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How to Become A Digital First Training Company

What story does the data from your test prep LMS tell you?  Does it just show course completions? Or is it telling the story of how your program changes learners’ lives?

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