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Your LMS should be the cornerstone of your tech stack. BenchPrep offers a robust ecosystem of Developer Tools that enable organizations to quickly and efficiently push data to, and pull data from, the BenchPrep platform.

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Optimize operational efficiency and time-to-value leveraging the BenchPrep GraphQL API to automate data flows, perform bulk actions, and much more.


Automatically, and instantly, deliver learner data to other systems - unlocking the ability to instantly update learner records, issue digital credentials, trigger marketing communications, and more.

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Unlock an expanded addressable market by enabling learners to access your BenchPrep-powered experiences seamlessly from their LTI conformant platforms. Plus, launch learners into external LTI experiences directly from BenchPrep.

Interactive Labs

Take advantage of BenchPrep’s deep integration with Skillable that provides organizations with a cohesive 70:20:10 learning experience, blending experiential, social, and formal learning and testing. Unlock on-demand labs directly on the BenchPrep platform to help your learners upskill on-the-job training, tackle new challenges, and excel in their careers.

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Single Sign-On

Provide seamless access and pass authorization from one service to another without sharing actual user credentials, via authentication protocols with SAML, or OIDC.

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