An LMS Built for the Business of Learning.

BenchPrep’s LMS enables you to attract, engage, and retain learners to grow your programs and drive revenue for your business.

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Credentialing & Exam Prep

BenchPrep turns learners into achievers. Our platform prepares learners with the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to pass difficult entrance, licensing, and credentialing exams.

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Practice Tests

BenchPrep boosts confidence. Our platform is modeled after the real exam experience with more than a dozen different question types, timers, sections, and locking to give your learners a superior practice experience.

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Software Certification Training

BenchPrep is built for business. Our platform integrates with your existing tools so you can deliver business-critical training that prepares your employees, vendors, partners, and customers to earn your certifications.

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Continuing Education

BenchPrep keeps professionals sharp. Our platform helps busy learners keep up with the skills, best practices, and industry innovations required beyond the exam to remain top performers in their careers.

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Continuing Education

BenchPrep keeps professionals sharp. Our platform helps busy learners keep up with the skills, best practices, and industry innovations required beyond the test to remain top performers in their careers.

The World’s Best Learning Companies Work with BenchPrep

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"BenchPrep’s platform offers us a quantum leap advantage for digital delivery where we’ve been able to clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors. "

Christopher Brown
Publisher, McGraw-Hill Professional

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BenchPrep Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BenchPrep different?

There are a lot of learning management systems on the market. BenchPrep is the only LMS purpose-built to support the entirety of the lifelong learning journey, from pre-assessment (certification training and exam prep) to post-assessment (continuing education). We pride ourselves on our unique ability to help you accelerate your revenue growth with market-ready digital learning products and the data you need to understand learner behavior.

How many learners does BenchPrep’s platform serve?

Today, BenchPrep serves more than 10 million learners. In a typical year, we handle more than 400 million activities, more than 550 million assessments, and more than 1 million logins per month. In any given month, we typically see 30 million to 60 million assessment results. Our customers range in size from 500 learners to 1.5 million learners, and BenchPrep is an excellent fit for learning organizations of most sizes.

How much does BenchPrep cost?

We offer a flexible pricing model to fit your program needs and your budget. A few variables impact BenchPrep’s pricing: your annual number of learners, the amount and type of your existing learning content, the number of platform integrations you require, and the level of data access you need. We would be happy to learn more about your program and prepare a custom quote. Click here to go to our Pricing page.

What types of content can BenchPrep accommodate?

We can work with any existing content published to industry-leading standards, including SCORM, xAPI, AICC, cmi5, LTI 1.1, LTI 1.3, PDF, ePub, audio, video, and XML. We also have a proprietary content management system, BluePrint, that authors rich, engaging, interactive learning content in HTML5 to unlock the most detailed data insights you need into content performance and learner engagement. Use BenchPrep to create lessons, practice questions, flashcards, games, and more to deliver outstanding experiences that boost your candidates’ and learners’ outcomes.

What integrations can BenchPrep handle?

We like to think of ourselves as the central hub in your connected learning ecosystem. To that end, we can integrate with almost anything in your eLearning tech stack. We offer integrations for e-commerce, conferencing, and interactive labs, and we support SSO access and OpenAPI/GraphQL for everything else.

What internal resources do I need to partner with BenchPrep?

We work with some of the world’s largest certification and entrance exam providers. We also work with 10-person training companies. Every partnership is different! That said, we generally see the following people included in the BenchPrep partnership process: learning or certification program leaders, executive leaders, and IT, technology, or product leaders. Our self-service tools make building your programs easy, and our admin functionality makes it simple to assign roles and permissions to the appropriate teammates and colleagues.

How quickly can I launch my programs with BenchPrep?

This depends heavily on the amount of content, number of courses, number of integrations, and degree of platform customization your solution requires. But we’ve implemented customers in as little as 8 weeks.