Foster Continuous Growth for Your Learners

Our learning ecosystem powers lifelong learner engagement by providing seamless access to continuing education, essential for maintaining certification excellence.

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Meet Learners Where They Are

BenchPrep combines a personalized, microlearning methodology with on-the-go access to improve learner engagement and outcomes.

Facilitate Seamless Tracking

BenchPrep seamlessly integrates with your systems of record. All learner data is trackable and reportable so that you can keep timely and accurate records.

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Support the Entire Digital Learning Lifecycle

BenchPrep keeps learners in your system. From credential prep through continuing education, you can guide professionals through multiple key points in their careers.

Continuing Education Programs Run on BenchPrep

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“The BenchPrep platform allows us to deliver consistent, measurable value over time. They’ve helped us change the game in training, particularly around blended learning.”

Chris Tiné
Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President, Richardson

How Do You Win the Fight Against Human Limitation?

The graph is called "The Forgetting Curve," and the story it tells about the limits of human memory is particularly important to managers of learning and training programs. According to the science behind the graph, 79% of acquired knowledge is simply forgotten after 30 days¹.

Fortunately, BenchPrep has figured out a way to fortify learners against the limitations of memory so they can overcome the Forgetting Curve, maintain mastery, and reinforce recall. In fact, BenchPrep’s advanced learning technology can improve knowledge retention by up to 170%².

learning curve graph that shows the progression of a course and how normal courses lose knowledge after the end course but BenchPrep learners do not

The Latest Learning News and Thinking

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Ready to Go from Training Provider to Business Partner?

The shift to remote working offers B2B training companies a huge opportunity. Pre-COVID-19 businesses employed training providers on a course-by-course basis. Now, businesses need new learning technology to help remote workforces succeed.

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4 Tips for Fostering Learning Culture + Secrets to Continuous Learning

What story does the data from your test prep LMS tell you?  Does it just show course completions? Or is it telling the story of how your program changes learners’ lives?

Experience the Transformation BenchPrep Can Bring to Your Learning Programs.

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