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Boost learner confidence with online practice tests modeled after the real test experience because when learners feel prepared, they’re less likely to drop out.

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Power Your Programs with a Robust Practice Test Engine

With more than a dozen different question types and authentic testing features like timers, sections, and locking, our truly test-like platform gives your learners a superior prep experience.

Realize New Revenue Potential

Monetize your retired test questions or other practice test content to create a valuable, high-margin product you can quickly take to market — without burdening your operations team.

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Measure What Matters to Understand Your Learners

Get a 360° view of your learners, content, and program data. Connect different data sources to achieve multi-dimensional analytics, reporting, and data science to improve learner outcomes and increase revenue.

BenchPrep Fuels The Country’s Best Practice Test Experiences

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"The BenchPrep platform is a huge win for our candidates: it allows us to build practice questions, mock tests, and other content. Plus, the rich program data helps us predict which candidates are going to pass and which need more structure and support. That allows us to create more positive and personalized learning experiences."

John Veitch
Head of Learning Content & Development at CFA Institute

Fresh Insights from BenchPrep’s Test Prep Experts

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Certifications are an important gateway for professionals to advance their skills and take their careers to the next level.

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Course Spotlight: 5 Modernized Test Prep Features to Help Students Succeed

In our feature series on digital learning for different course types, we look at how a platform like BenchPrep can make the admissions prep experience more engaging and effective for tomorrow’s co-eds.

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