Price to Fit Your Program

Our flexible pricing model is designed to work for the way your program works. We will build your BrenchPrep to reflect the unique needs of your organization, empowering you with the ability to choose the features and services that make the most sense for you.

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Annual User Model

If your learners will engage with your content for an extended period of time throughout the year as they progress through a course, this is the right model for you. This model best supports customers who go to market with an emphasis on continuous learning.

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Enrollment-Based Model

If you expect learners to enroll in multiple courses or bundles throughout the year, this is the right model for you. We’ll discount the price per enrollment to help you sell more courses to learners who spend a shorter amount of time in each course.

BenchPrep’s sales team will help you understand which model is right for you. A few other factors influence our pricing regardless of which model you choose:

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Amount of content
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Number of courses
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Number and type of integrations
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Professional services required to get your program 
up and running
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