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Our platform delivers business-critical software training and certification practice to crucial employees, vendors, partners, and customers.

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Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Your Learners

Don’t operate in the dark! BenchPrep provides you with powerful tools for collecting user feedback. Survey your constituents, analyze their responses, and make adjustments on the fly.

Don’t Just Launch—
Blast Off

BenchPrep allows you to accelerate your time to market so you can debut with the capabilities of a mature, high-performing, scalable learning organization without the corresponding investment of time and financial resources.

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Harmonize Your Tech Stack

BenchPrep is designed for openness and integration. It works with your tools (and those of your partners), so your stack can operate at maximum efficiency.

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"BenchPrep has enabled us to deliver a new learning experience that aligns with the modern candidate. We’ve received great traction in the market and have seen significant improvement in engagement and value for members.”

Tom Reilly
VP of Learning, CompTIA

Fresh Resources from BenchPrep’s Learning Experts

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Want to Drive Growth? Go Deep With Your Customer Training

Customers aren’t just a transaction to B2B software and consulting services. They’re your most important asset.Customer training offers the perfect vehicle to add value to your customer experience.

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5 Best Practices for Virtual Instructor-Led Training (2021 edition)

Who knew Zoom fatigue was a real thing? Video conferencing software has kept us together, but it’s also reshaping our future. Online meetings aren’t going away. For training companies, it’s the perfect time to launch or expand your virtual instructor-led training (vILT) strategy.


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