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BenchPrep is the only learning platform that provides deep insights into learner sentiment, and we're the only platform that enables granular reporting on sub-topics within your content.

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Make More Effective and Engaging Content

Data surrounds every piece of content in your courses. BenchPrep can help you access that data and unlock its mysteries so you can increase the performance of what you have or create new content that hits the ground running. With BenchPrep’s content data, you can:

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Analyze psychometric reports
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Discover insights around optimal course pathing
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Make outcome and efficacy predictions

Increase Rates for Learner Engagement and Retention

Every action your learners take from the instant they sign on to the moment they log off is capable of telling you a story. BenchPrep’s data helps you listen to and understand those stories so you can keep learners learning and enrolled in your programs. With BenchPrep’s content data, you can:

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Review key learner engagement metrics
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Identify at-risk learners
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Tie in-platform performance to out-of-platform outcomes
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Strengthen Sales and Generate More Revenue

Everything connected to your program—from your LMS and eCommerce store to your collaboration software and CRM—generates data. BenchPrep’s data suite helps you tap into those data sources so you can make better-informed business decisions that impact your bottom line. With BenchPrep’s content data, you can:

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Review purchase & engagement reports
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Provide timely upsell recommendations
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Compare marketing data with learner engagement outcomes

Where are you on your data journey?

Different needs requires different solutions. BenchPrep offers a variety of solutions based on where you are on your journey.

chart of the data journey; new to digital would pair well with standard reporting, data curious or data literate orgs would do well with more flexible insight reporting and data fluent org would be in the Raw Data Access bracket

Data Suite Packages

Whether you’re new to deep data or a seasoned pro, BenchPrep offers data packages that suit you best.

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Standard Reporting

You recognize the value data brings to decision-making, but you currently don't have the personnel or infrastructure to interpret data on your own.

This data package includes:

  • User activity and performance data
  • Course and product-specific data
  • Aggregated deep learner insights
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Analyst Workspace

You have your own dev resources and want to tie BenchPrep’s learning data to data you’ve collected from your own sources.

Includes everything in Standard, plus:

  • Analyst centered design
  • Speed to insights
  • Answer questions unique to your business
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Raw Data Access

You’re a data-first company with complete data science, infrastructure, and analytics teams capable of managing and analyzing large data pipelines.

Includes everything in Standard, plus:

  • Full control over analysis and insights
  • Efficient and cost-effective data access
  • 360-view of your data

Standard Reporting

Collect deep insights on your learning programs and use market-leading dashboards and data visualization tools to tell your data story.

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Raw Data Access

With this data package, you can connect your existing tools to the BenchPrep platform or outsource directly to BenchPrep’s data partner, Snowflake.

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