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BenchPrep knows content. From migration and creation to refinement and perfection, the BenchPrep learning platform allows you to design and shape content like never before.

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Awe-Inspiring Authoring

Creating new content? You’re in luck. Our proprietary content authoring tool—BluePrint—allows your team to create exciting, dynamic course content with interactive elements that learners can access from any device.

Format Flexibility

When you move to BenchPrep, you don't have to leave your old content behind. We built our online learning platform to accommodate the transfer of heritage content, which means you can retain and refine material assembled with different tools, file formats, or eLearning standards, while our Content team can convert formats not as easily transferable.

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LTI 1.1
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LTI 1.3
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Consistent Global Learning Experience

Content Managers can easily import, configure, and deliver content in English and numerous non-English languages and dialects, alongside a localized User Interface, ensuring that learners enjoy an optimized, cohesive experience.

The Modern Approach to Learning

On BenchPrep, you won’t just make engagement content that drives engagement—you’ll track its performance (down to the smallest, most granular level!) and gather valuable insights in real time.

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Laptop and phone with Richardson learning platform on their screens

“Organizations need a dynamic content management system that allows them to unbundle, tag, and gamify their content to create an integrated assessment strategy. BenchPrep is a rock-solid platform that enables us to do this on a global scale.”

Chris Tiné
Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President, Richardson

LMS Fluency on LTI Platforms

BenchPrep has you covered for Learning Tools Interoperability. Our course experience is LTI 1.3 certified, which means you can sell your BenchPrep hosted learning product to organizations that use LTI-certified platforms like Blackboard, Moodle, or Canvas. It also means that you can host externally hosted content within the BenchPrep platform.

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Expert Consulting and Optimization

BenchPrep’s Professional Services team includes seasoned experts across a range of eLearning disciplines, and all of them are devoted to the task of improving learning engagement and knowledge retention for your program.

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We don't believe in cookie-cutter tools or one-size-fits-all solutions. Our learning program experts will help craft course design strategies tailored to the needs of your learners, your content, and your business.

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We won’t just migrate your offline, blended, and online content to our platform—we’ll make sure that every component is perfectly positioned for online consumption so they can deliver long-lasting, measurable learning outcomes.

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Your Professional Services partners will make sure your team can harness the full power of the BenchPrep learning management system, transforming your learning program into a fully mature digital offering forged in strategy and tempered with data.

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