Behavior-Changing eLearning Technology

BenchPrep is built to impact behavior. We use proven learning science to improve engagement, elevate confidence, and energize learning from start to finish—in more than a dozen different languages and from anywhere in the world.

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Omnichannel Delivery

Learning doesn’t always happen in a classroom. Or at a desk. With BenchPrep, learners can log on with any device—mobile, tablet, or desktop computer—whenever they have the time and desire to learn, and wherever in the world they're located.

Personalized Learning Pathways

BenchPrep tracks every dimension of a learner’s performance so it can automatically adjust to changing abilities, goals, and needs. The platform reinforces strengths and eliminates weaknesses so learners can boost confidence and develop learning mastery.

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person on a laptop with the BenchPrep gamification platform section, a popup showing a detailed version of a game on top

Gamified Course Mechanics

BenchPrep’s behavior-changing gamification technology gets learners to stay on the platform longer. Applying gameplay mechanics to learning tasks helps adult learners maintain engagement so they can study more without additional effort so they can meet their goals.

Competency-Based Framework

BenchPrep’s platform is designed to have an immediate impact on users through well-timed reinforcement of knowledge and targeted interruption of the forgetting curve.

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BenchPrep Innovations Earn Recognition Throughout the Industry

Talented Learning Top 40 Learning Systems 2022Talented Learning Top 40 Learning Systems 2021Training Magazine Network Choice Awards 2020 for Learning Portal/LMSBrandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award GOLD 2018
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ACT Online Prep® is the best thing ACT has ever made. It goes very in-depth on every aspect of the test. I highly suggest this program to anyone preparing for the ACT test.”

Hunter W.
Learner, ACT Online Prep® *(powered by BenchPrep)

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