Turn Learners into Achievers

Our platform prepares learners with the skill, knowledge, and confidence required to pass difficult entrance, licensing, and credentialing exams.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Make Things Personal

Provide learners with breakthrough learning based on their performance. Use known strengths and weaknesses to deliver a custom-tailored learning experience.

Access Difference-Making Data Insights

With self-guided study plans and real-time feedback on performance and confidence levels, learners can focus their time where it matters most.

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Expand Your Offerings and Accelerate Your Growth

Robust eCommerce capabilities allow you to automate marketing, sales, and fulfillment, and the ability to offer self-paced, blended, and hybrid learning lets you diversify revenue streams.

BenchPrep Delivers for the Best in Test Prep

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"BenchPrep’s partnerships with other large credentialing bodies gave us the reassurance that they could scale with us as we continue to grow our own programs.”

Dania Eter
Chief Global Credentialing and Products Portfolio Officer at HRCI

Fresh Insights from BenchPrep’s Learning Experts

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5 Easy Tips for Designing Effective Assessments

What is the most used learning management system (LMS) feature?  No, research says it’s not AI-driven recommendations. No, gamification isn’t the most used feature. In fact, the most used feature is one of the least trendy. Research says it's assessment features.

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Data for Professional Test Prep: Does Your LMS Give You What You Need?

What story does the data from your test prep LMS tell you?  Does it just show course completions? Or is it telling the story of how your program changes learners’ lives?

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