Connect your learning technology stack

BenchPrep integrates with the best-in-class technologies that you already use. We go beyond your standard LMS platform to create a comprehensive learning operating system, one that’s powered by data-driven insights focused on driving learner outcomes.


Uncover impactful insights within your online learning platform to drive your business decisions and evaluate the strength of your program.


Provide seamless access and pass authorization from one service to another without sharing actual user credentials.

Association Management Systems

Send data from your LMS platform to your AMS and get a single, comprehensive record of actionable customer information to grow your community and improve productivity.

Customer Relationship Management

Connect your learning technology with a CRM system to quickly onboard new clients and manage relationships with your customers.


Engage learners and make it easier for students to develop and demonstrate skills with interactive online learning content. BenchPrep also supports content created with eLearning content standards such as: SCORM, xAPI, AICC, and cmi5.


Use your existing conferencing accounts to streamline the scheduling, delivery, and participation of virtual instructor-led training and blended learning through your online learning platform.

Digital Credentialing

Create, issue, and manage digital credentials from within your LMS platform to recognize learner achievements and deliver a better learner experience.


Enable customer acquisition and continuous engagement while providing a streamlined purchasing experience within your online learning platform.


Improve support for enterprise-level clients and establish better workflows to ensure the best possible customer experience your learning technology can deliver.

Other ecosystems

Have other technologies you’d like to connect with your LMS platform? BenchPrep also integrates with these platforms, and we’d love to discuss what you have in mind.

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