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The launch of your BenchPrep learning platform is an exciting time, and we’re here to guide you and your team through every step of the way.

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Your BenchPrep implementation team can’t wait to meet you. These learning platform experts will serve as your partners and guides through the various stages of your implementation process. They’ll help you identify important short- and long-term learning and business goals and then assemble a detailed plan for making it happen.


The implementation process can be complex, but don’t worry—your designated implementation manager is in charge of making things run as smoothly as possible. From Kickoff, Content Planning, QA Testing to Launch, we’ve got you covered as much or as little as you need!

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Learning and Content Services

BenchPrep’s Professional Services team includes seasoned experts across a range of eLearning disciplines, and all of them are devoted to the task of improving learning engagement and knowledge retention for your program.

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Customer Success

BenchPrep’s Customer Success team is your primary point of contact and the champion for you and your learners. They'll be there to serve as your sounding board, strategy partner, and advocate so you can transform your learner experience, grow your revenue and expand your reach.

Ongoing Support

After launch, our Support team is available to help you with technical requests or general product help and advice. You'll have access to our Admin Support Center and a team of product experts so you can make the most of BenchPrep's products and tools.

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