Tripled Goals for eLearning Seats Sold
in First Year

See how the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) underwent a digital transformation to align with modern learners by shifting its print-based, in-person courses to BenchPrep's configurable online platform.

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man on laptop with ASCM logo with a nonprofit label and member count of 45,000
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An Opportunity
to Seize

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) is the largest nonprofit association for supply chain professionals, working with its 45,000 members, 180 North American chapters, 100 international partners, and the general supply chain community to improve every aspect of the supply chain.

With eLearning transforming the educational landscape, ASCM recognized that today’s supply chain professionals require lifelong learning to stay competitive in the modern workplace.

How could ASCM seize this opportunity to deliver lifelong learning that engages their learners and drives revenue?

man and woman on a laptop working collaboratively with a continuous learning icon in the corner
ASCM desktop platform


Comprehensive Continuing Education

ASCM found BenchPrep to be an ideal fit to shift their print-based, face-to-face courseware to online and mobile delivery. 180 hours of face-to-face courses were transformed into 10- or 15-minute digital bite-sized sections that include quizzes, videos, and games – all delivered on BenchPrep’s cloud-based platform that is white-labeled for ASCM.

The modernized approach allows ASCM to cater to busy, on-the-go professionals seeking to earn certification points. This new personalized, on demand learning program can be consumed in small chunks, encourages remediation, and increases knowledge retention.

Through its rich collection of data and analytics, BenchPrep’s platform also delivers valuable insights to all stakeholders involved: the learner, the instructor, and ASCM. Learners know how they are progressing, where their strengths and weaknesses are, and in which areas they need to improve.

Instructors see how each learner is performing, down to how much time they are spending on a particular area. ASCM gains insight into every piece of content: how many times a video has been watched or a lesson has been viewed, and how many users have marked the lesson as high confidence versus low confidence.

man on phone with ASCM platform of reports to run of their member activity


Exponential Increase in
Digital Learning Engagement

The success of the program also created a potential new revenuestream for ASCM, as a couple of large organizations showed interest in reselling the courses as an add-on to their existing education and services.

1,000 objective number of seats sold in a year, 2,900 outcome of actual seats sold after 14 months
Laptop and phone with ASCM Institute learning platform on their screens

“There’s a lot of hype around the whole education space and how it’s changing. Some of it is worth listening to, and some of it is a little exaggerated. But the fact remains that having online, self-paced courses does meet a pretty big market niche and is worth pursuing. Look for the right partner for you, try something, and see how it goes.”

Bob Collins
Senior Director of Learning & Development at ASCM

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