Prep that Sets the Pace for Triple-Digit Revenue Growth

BenchPrep helps GMAC and its professional learners beat the time crunch with a streamlined, digital exam prep course that’s built to scale.

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A Need for Speed in Exam Prep

As a global association of leading graduate business schools, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) offers valuable tools for hundreds of thousands of students interested in pursuing advanced business degrees. Since 1954, GMAC has owned and administered the Graduate Management Admission Test™ (GMAT™) exam, which is the leading factor in nine out of 10 new MBA enrollments globally.

In 2016, the Council introduced the Executive Assessment exam to evaluate the real-world skills of professionals applying for admission into executive MBA and related programs. To help these time-strapped candidates succeed, GMAC built the Executive Assessment to be a low-hurdle experience — and sought to create an exam prep course to match.

Since the Executive Assessment draws full-time workers from across the globe, GMAC knew it needed an intuitive, scalable, fully digital prep solution.

The organization also wanted the test and prep experience to mirror each other, helping to refamiliarize professional learners with the practice of test-taking. Finally, since GMAC had already introduced the Executive Assessment exam without an accompanying prep solution, it needed to bring the course to market quickly.

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Simple to Implement, Simple to Use

To launch its Executive Assessment Official Prep solution, GMAC partnered with BenchPrep. BenchPrep’s enterprise-grade platform leverages learning best practices to help organizations drive success for their learners and their own bottom lines.

Understanding the need for a prep course that was simple to implement and use, the BenchPrep team worked closely with GMAC to create a solution for its unique learner population.

The new course guides busy professionals through the exam, helping them spend prep time efficiently and become highly familiar with the exam content and structure. Thanks to BenchPrep’s turnkey yet customizable solution and hands-on support, GMAC was able to launch the course within a year of introducing the exam.

After debuting the prep course in April 2017, GMAC has continued to add features to meet additional learner needs, creating 133% growth in Official Prep sales last year (2018 to 2019). The digital platform makes updates simple, while also helping GMAC reach a growing worldwide network of professionals.

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Program Features

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Adapts to each learner

Based on each learner’s performance, the course automatically presents questions tailored to their strengths and weaknesses so they can get the most out of the course.

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Accessible anywhere, anytime

The digital course is available on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, making it the ideal solution for professionals on the go.

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Real-world relevance

The course content and structure mirror the actual exam, helping leanrers get comfortable with taking the test so they can show up confident on exam day.

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A streamlined experience

The course is designed to move learners through exam prep as quickly and easily as possible, encouraging more professionals to see the process through.

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“We would absolutely recommend BenchPrep to any organization looking to implement an effective, scalable exam prep program. We were impressed by the platform’s ability to meet our needs and how BenchPrep was able to work within our timeline.”

Manish Dharia
Director of Product Development at GMAC


Driving Success For a Growing User Base

Since launching its Executive Assessment Official Prep solution, GMAC is receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from test-takers, and seeing strong user growth for both the exam and the prep course. BenchPrep’s flexible platform is helping thousands of professional learners prepare for the next step in their careers, while enabling GMAC to build a compelling business case for its newest exam. Key benefits include:

8 out of 10 executive assessment test takers buy the official prep course. 95% of candidates say the prep materials prepared them for assessment day
Exponential growth in official prep sales, 15% increase after the first year, and 133% after two.

Boosting its revenue

Delivering a high-quality prep experience is helping GMAC to drive huge gains in exam participation, with a 15% increase in test takers from 2017 to 2018, a 133% increase from 2018 to 2019, and strong growth projections for 2020 despite COVID-19. In addition to selling the course to learners directly, GMAC has also established partnerships with third-party providers like Manhattan Prep, increasing the program’s overall reach and driving additional revenue.

Preparing graduate candidates effectively

Virtually all of GMAC’s learners say that the Executive Assessment Official Prep course has helped to prepare them for the actual test, according to a recent company survey. In particular, learners appreciate that their score on the course is an accurate reflection of their potential test score.

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Building for growth

BenchPrep’s solution offers GMAC an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that caters to users around the world. The digital platform makes it easier to implement improvements, add course enhancements like sector-specific practice tests, and stay up to date on new developments.

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