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Richardson sales training reaches new levels of efficiency through BenchPrep’s digital learning platform.

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A Lack of Innovation in the Sales Training Market

As a global leader in the sales training industry, Richardson is known for delivering customized and effective training that empowers sales professionals to learn, master, and apply learned behaviors where it matters most – in the field with their customers.

In 2014, they were offering customers instructor-led training options, along with outdated e-learning modules. Facing increased pressures to provide a more engaging and adaptive learning experience that aligned with professionals’ demand for digital, they realized an urgent need to deliver a scalable solution, that would appeal to a wide-ranging audience oflearners, while standing out from the plethora of one-size-fits-all competitors.

When SVP and Chief Product Officer, Chris Tiné, joined Richardson in 2015, he made it a priority to search for a partner that could help them fill the digital learning void in the salestraining market. Turning to BenchPrep, the rapidly growing enterprise SaaS solution that offers the industry’s first learner success platform, the two organizations hatched a plan todrive digital transformation in the industry.

“We were up against the challenge of finding a partner to help us understand the difference between the digital hype in the marketplace and what customers really needed in order to be successful,” says Tiné. “The sales training world lacked a digital, cloud-based, adaptive tool that blended assessment, learning, gamification, and analytics in an effective manner. BenchPrep offered us a unique perspective to digital learning and helped us to transform the way we deliver our product.”

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Moving the Sales Training Needle

Within less than a year, Richardson and BenchPrep launched Richardson Accelerate™, a solution that provides various online training programs to inspire and motivate sales teams to better engage with buyers and drive results.

Powered by BenchPrep’s comprehensive learner success platform, Accelerate enables Richardson to offer their customers an adaptive platform that includes all of the components they need to engage sellers, provide real-time visibility into performance, and run a successful blended learning program.

By leveraging BenchPrep’s platform, sales professionals have access to assessments, online learning, video, social learning, reporting, leaderboards, gamification, and other interactive engagement drivers. At the same time, managers have real-time access to their sellers’ performance and confidence levels, giving them an edge to make coaching more precise, personalized, and effective. The program has eliminated the need for sales organizations to build each of these components on their own in a learning management system, providing a more efficient and effective way to train employees.

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“The platform allows us to deliver consistent, measurable value to sales organizations overtime, enabling them to benchmark how somebody’s skills and confidence levels develop as a result of our training program.”

Chris Tiné
Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President at Richardson

In and out of the classroom

A classroom setting continues to serve as a vital component for an effective sales training experience. The ability to interact, observe, imitate, and receive feedback is crucial to interpersonal and soft-skill development. At the same time, sales professionals have high demands to meet their quotas and bring in revenue for their organizations, limiting their time to be out of the field to attend trainingcourses. Richardson recognizes this challenge and helps their customers ensure classroom time for sales personnel is as productive as possible.

Through a blended approach, Richardson encourages sales organizations to combine instructor-led classes with their Accelerate program to drive higher engagement and success across the training journey:

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Introductory course material is accessible to the learner, helping them become familiar with concepts, terminology, and models that will be covered in a classroom setting.

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Instructor-led workshop

A focused session devoeted to practicing, coaching, and providing live feedback on actionable and observed behaviors.

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Learning Modules

After the classroom session, participants sustain the knowledge through online learning. Video-based scenarios, quizzes and other interactive elements provide leanrers opportunity to practice, test, and validate skills learned.

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Feedback & social learning

Robust reporting through BenchPrep’s data and analytics dashboard allows managers to monitor progress and determine where additional coaching is needed. Social learning & gamification creates a community of peer-to-peer support, while also engaging in some friendly competition.


An Improved Learner
Experience at a Global Scale

Accelerate creates a more efficient and appealing experience for busy salesprofessionals to complete their required training. By leveraging BenchPrep, theyare able to offer the following benefits for their learners:

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A clean, intuitive user experience

Compared to traditional learning management systems their customers have used in the past, Richardson receives consistent feedback about Accelerate’s intuitive and clean user experience. The easy-to-use interface lends well to alearner’s ability to focus on the right task and work through material efficiently, thus increasing engagement and overall time spent on the platform.

Omni-channel delivery

Mobile-first technology allows learners to access content from any device, while also syncing progress when a user switches from one device to another.

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Effective bite-sized learning

Through ten-minute microlearning modules, a learner can watch a video, take a practice test, or read material whenever it’s convenient for them, with a set expectation of how much time they need to allocate.

In addition to benefiting the learner experience, Richardson’s partnership with BenchPrep has yielded valuable results:

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Global scale

BenchPrep’s cloud-based infrastructure has allowed Richardson to deliver a meaningful training experience to more users than ever possible before. Whether a company needs to reach 20 or 10,000+ professionals, content is delivered in a consistent manner that meets the needs of clients across industries, generations, and size, opening the door to global opportunities as well.

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Incredible speed to market

At the time of launch, Richardson’s need for speed to stay relevant in the training space was critical. Tiné notes that BenchPrep’s team rallied to get Accelerate live and market-ready in less than 9 months, which jump started their digital transformation.

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A true collaboration

As the two organizations continue to build new digital learning programs together, Richardson values BenchPrep’s willingness to listen and their flexibility to adapt features that can best suit their needs.

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