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BenchPrep delivers an unmatched user experience

Today’s “learning” tools only focus on managing the process and deprioritize the educational experience. Enter BenchPrep, the only comprehensive learning platform that addresses the learner’s needs. With a personalized, game-based, and fun approach, BenchPrep ensures users aren’t left behind by driving deeper engagement and higher success rates.

Omnichannel learning

It’s imperative that learning can occur anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Learners now demand to learn on their terms and have an experience that is comparable to all other apps, websites, and platforms they regularly use. BenchPrep’s learning platform delivers an engaging experience by leveraging the power of learning science, technology, data science, usability engineering, and innovative instructive design models to help users learn better and faster. See it firsthand.

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Comprehensive learning platform

We offer a variety of solutions that are designed to grow with you as your product needs evolve and expand.

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Scalable, flexible, secure technology

It’s imperative that your technology solution can scale with your program and is secure enough to manage your learner data. BenchPrep is relied upon by both large and small partners to deliver flexible, secure solutions. Our web-application framework and data-driven design supports deployments of any size and our auto-scaling technology seamlessly scales servers up or down depending on demand and computing requirements to ensure high-quality service at all times.

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Quickly pivot to online learning

A specialized accelerated onboarding package designed specifically for organizations to quickly transition an offline learning program to an online platform. Receive full access to BenchPrep Ascend while getting 1-2 courses up and running within 4-8 weeks of contract signing.

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Turn-key, no hassle implementation

We want to make our partners’ lives easier, plain and simple. The education and training industries now desire robust solutions that satisfy all learning delivery needs without requiring long implementations and painful system overhauls. That’s why BenchPrep provides a quick turnaround with seamless integration.

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Enterprise quality systems

At BenchPrep, we prioritize delivering an exceptional, reliable, flexible, and scalable learning platform. By hosting our technology on the industry-standard stack and infrastructure, we deliver unmatched SLA, disaster recovery, compliances, security, and WCAG.

BenchPrep is LTI Advantage certified, allowing you to use an existing platform that is LTI 1.3 capable to support user login, data transfer, custom grading, and deep linking to content in BenchPrep without custom integration work, saving you both time and money.

Best-in-class product management practices

We follow many best-in-class agile product management practices from master-stable release philosophy to continuous integration. Our engineering team is empowered to deliver features with a balance of time, quality, and scope with special emphasis on stability.

Our development methodology is a healthy combination of Scrum and Kanban while being designed for two-week cycles. This ensures that new software releases are well tested and are happening continuously within our learning platform.

Industry recognition

BenchPrep is being recognized for awards that celebrate both our online learning platform and our company.

Learning Portal/LMS
Award Winner

2020 Top 20 Training Companies™
for Learning Management Systems

Aragon Research
Globe™ Innovator, 2020

2020 Best Corporate/Enterprise
Learning Solution Winner

Aragon Research
Hot Vendors in Learning 2020

Inc. Magazine's Best
Workplaces for 2020

2020 Best Corporate/Enterprise
Learning Solution Finalist

2020 Best Places to Work

Learning Portal/LMS
Award Winner

2019 Fastest Growing
Learning Companies

2019 Fastest Growing
Chicago Companies

2019 Top Training Companies

Best Tech
Work Culture Finalist

2019 Best Corporate/Enterprise
Learning Solution Finalist

2019 Best Places to Work

2019 Best Continuing Education
& Association Learning Systems

2019 BuiltIn Chicago
Best Places to Work

2018 Brandon Hall Group
Best Advance in Unique
Learning Technology

2018 Chicago Innovation Awards
Top 100 Finalists

Global Learning Impact
Award Honorable Mention

ITA City Lights 2018
Rising Star Finalist

Best Tech
Manager Finalist

Best Tech Workplace
for Diversity Finalist

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